Upcycle Tip #6

Pasta sauce, baby food, pickles, salsa, jelly, and olives. What do they all have in common? They all come in jars of course! Reuse them for more than food storage!

1. Spice jars! This works best with pesto or baby food jars. You can paint the lids with some chalkboard paint and write the name of your spices or herbs on them!

2. Oil lamps! Make a hole in the top of the jar with a nail. Pull a cotton wick (or cotton shoelace) through the opening, leaving ¼” sticking out the top. Fill jar 2/3 with lamp oil and allow to sit for about an hour. This gives the wick a chance to soak up the lamp oil. Light your lamp and enjoy!

3. Picture frames! Just pop a picture in your jar and turn upside down. Now you have a unique frame!

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