Upcycle Tip #4

It’s spring; that means its time you get your gardening gloves out! Want to give your plant friends a unique place to grow? Check out some of these tips to create your own planters:

1. Vintage Tea Tins!- Tea tins are a great way to individualize your plants. Start by punching about four holes in the bottom of your tin with a nail and hammer. Toss some rocks in to aid in drainage even further. Finally add your soil and your plants!

2. Wine Bottles!- Start with a clean wine bottle. Wrap a piece of paper around the bottle so the edge is about two thirds of the way up the bottle and trace with a marker. Lay the bottle flat and use a glass cutter to trace the line you made. Lay your bottle in the sink and repeatedly pour boiling water then cold water on the line you made with your glass cutter. Repeat as many times as necessary. Sand the edges of the broken bottle. Place the top half of the bottle upside down on top of the bottle base. Set the plant in the upside down top making sure some of the roots are floating in the base. Pack in soil around your plant. Now you have a self watering wine bottle planter!

3. Birdcage!- Attach the bottom of your birdcage to the metal top with zip ties. Only attach one side to begin. Fill bottom of birdcage with soil and plants of your choice. Then attach the other side. Now work from the outside in and add some more plants to the outer sides so that they hang out. Use a ceiling hook or wire to attach it inside or out.

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