Upcycle Tip #3

There is no doubt that vinyl is back in style. CDs and MP3s have fallen out of the spotlight and have been replaced with classic vinyl. Record players are currently a rare find when thrifting, but vinyls are in abundance. Record Theatre will even give you their broken, chipped, or outdated vinyl for free.

1. Record Table! Grab a plant stand, some glue, and an old record. Simply glue the record onto the stand and flip the stand overnight to dry. Check it out, a retro record table

2. Record Bookends! Add some style to your book collection with vintage record bookends. You’ll need: two vinyl records, a pot of boiling water, flat bottomed heat resistant container (cake pan), flat wood surface (cutting board), and some oven mitts. First pour boiling water into the cake pan (wear your oven mitts). Dip the record partially into the pan until the record becomes malleable, then quickly move your record to the counter and use your cutting board to make a 90 degree angle in the record, be sure to smooth it out as you press down. Let it cool overnight and voila!

3. Record Coasters! Pop some records in the oven at 200 degrees F until they start to become malleable. Cut around the label leaving as much vinyl visible as you would like. Place back in the oven to warm up and then quickly remove and put in between two books to flatten. Once cooled, use sand paper to smooth edges (if rough) and then spray with acrylic sealer, this makes the coasters waterproof. Finish your project by tracing your record on felt and gluing it to the unvarnished side. Toss them on your coffee table and let your guests fawn over your retro additions.

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