Upcycle Tip #2


Teacups are adorable and great collection pieces, but you can only litter your shelves with so many before it becomes overcrowded. So what do you do with your fantastic vintage drinkware?

1. Bird feeders!- Glue your teacup to the saucer so that the handle is facing outward. Weave twine into a chain to make it sturdier and loop it through the cup handle. Simply hang from a tree and you have a super chic bird feeder! You can also put a piece of duct tape inside a tea pot over the hole to the spout and hang it on its side in addition to the cups.

2. Herb planter!- Give your herb garden a vintage upgrade with some mismatched teacups and saucers. All you need are soil and herbs!

3. Candles!- These are my favorite. Candles are super easy to make, totally customizable, and will become the topic of conversation among your friends and family. All you need is wax, wicks, fragrance oils, a thermometer, and two saucepans for double boiling. Melt the wax (I use soy) in the double boiler, add color chip (optional), remove from heat at 185 F, add fragrance, wait till wax cools to 125 F and pour into your teacups! I also like to make candles in vintage glass punch glasses, my friends love them.

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