Upcycle Tip #1

Old Suitcases!

You know that awesome vintage suitcase you found at a garage sale/thrift store, your grandparents’ house, or even the creepy part of your attic? It’s beautiful, but the lock doesn’t work, its heavy, or just plain inconvenient to use. So what do you do with it?

1. Turn it into a bar!- Simply place it on a table and fill it with your favorite liquor and glasses.

2.Book shelves!- Tired of your books always falling over? Give them a new home in your suitcase! Simply stand your books up inside. Want to be fancy? Separate the suitcase halves, place them against the wall, drill screws into each of the four corners and viola!

3.Dog bed!- Why not give your best friend a unique place to relax? Just tuck your pet bed into the suitcase! Use any inside pockets to store favorite toys.

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