Spring Resolutions?

Have you ever made a New Year’s resolution? Or maybe the real question is, have you ever made a resolution and stuck with it? The New Year may have passed but it’s never too late to make a resolution! Every year we count down as the ball drops, celebrating when the clock strikes midnight and the magical and promising New Year begins. Whether you make official resolutions or not I think most of us look forward to a “fresh start”. Why not make that fresh start now, after all isn’t that what spring is for? Maybe you tried and already lost momentum but don’t throw in the towel yet, give it one more go!

This year I decided that I would focus on creating new habits. I have a few bad habits that I would like to break, so my resolution was to turn the tables and create some better habits. First order of business, wash the dishes as I dirty them. Sounds simple, it certainly should be, right? I’m not a particularly lazy person but something about cleaning up dishes at the end of a long day turns me into a procrastinator. I actually started this before the New Year thinking a head start was just what I needed. Then the holidays came and routine was tossed out the window as visitors came and went. Now I’m trying to get myself back on track, but I didn’t give up, it’s entirely too soon for that. If you’ve failed at resolutions in the past, what was it about the goals you set that set you up for failure instead of success? My failure was in expecting that I would be consistent and immediately successful. The key is baby steps; celebrate the small successes to keep you motivated.

As we wrap up the first quarter of 2015 (and hopefully head into a warm spring), we are here to help you with a resolution: Get Organized! Take a few of our tips and apply them as often as you can. Stay positive and reward yourself for the small successes. Rome wasn’t built in a day and old habits die hard. Yep, I went there!

Write Things Down: My favorite thing to start the week with is a fresh to do list. I love that satisfied feeling I get when I can cross something off my list! Write down even the smallest of tasks to start. The positive reinforcement of checking those boxes will keep you motivated to move onto the next task.

Make Schedules & Deadlines: Everyone has a busy schedule and sometimes it’s tough to squeeze in time to run those errands, especially the ones you really don’t want to do. With your to-do list at hand, grab a calendar and pencil in the week so you can make the most of your time. You may even be able to save some money on gas by combining trips. And always remember to schedule in a little time for yourself, we are all a little happier when we have quality time for ourselves!

Don’t Procrastinate: Easier said than done for some of us. The trick is to tackle the tasks you are most likely to avoid the longest- FIRST! If you don’t like going through the mail (like my husband), quickly flip through the pile when you first get home, sorting what needs your attention and what can go directly into the recycling bin. When everyday tasks are made a part of the routine they don’t seem so time consuming.

Give Everything a Home: This seems like common sense when it comes to being organized but there are two parts to success for this tip. First you need to spend some time identifying locations and storage solutions. Labeling can be really helpful too, especially if you have small children that will be helping to cleanup. Part two is creating the habit of putting everything way where it belongs in a timely fashion. I’m still working on part two!

De-Clutter Regularly: I’m sure at least most of you have gotten to the weekend and woken up on a Saturday morning only to look around and realize you are going to spend at least half of your day off cleaning up. If you just spend a few minutes every couple days keeping things picked up and put away you won’t have to tackle such a big mess on your day off. At work, spend the last part of your Friday tidying up so you come in to a clean desk on Monday, what better way to start the week.

Keep Only What You Need: When was the last time you used it, wore it, or remembered you even owned it? Spring cleaning is not just for airing out the house and washing the windows. Sort through your wardrobe and separate those items you are no longer using into a throw away, donate or sale pile. I always keep a donation box in the closet to collect things when I finally admit I am no longer using them. There are plenty of places you can drop off donations and in some areas they will even come right to your door to pick up you gently used items.

Delegate Responsibilities: We know you are amazing; you can do it all but you shouldn’t. Identify what someone else can handle and only tackle the really important things that require your attention.

Good Luck and Happy Organizing!

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