Furnishing Your Startup

There could be many reasons you are in the market for some new office furniture and depending on your needs, your budget and your goals you will want to do a little research to determine the best product solutions for your company. One of the very first reasons to purchase furniture is if you have a startup company. Along with the excitement of being your own boss and the sky as your limit, you also now have a long to do list which includes furnishing an office. You figure that you can’t expect your employees to sit on the floor (and still want them to show up the next day), we most certainly have to have a place for our clients to sit! So at the very least you need some desks and chairs, maybe a meeting table or two. But you may be having a hard time looking at the long term, especially if it has some pretty hefty budget numbers attached to it. Keeping a few things in mind while you plan your purchase will help you make the best decisions for your wallet and the future of your company (and its furniture).

Flexibility: Purchase furniture that can be reconfigured or re-used later on if you move or expand. That way your original investment is not wasted. Panel systems are highly reconfigurable and if designed with the potential of the future in mind you can get many productive years out of your purchase.

Pre-Owned/Refurbished: There are some good options out there for purchasing pre-owned or refurbished furniture to help keep overall costs down. Just keep in mind that the product may no longer be covered under warranty or the line may be discontinued so future reconfigures will not be an option. Work with a reputable company who can answer your questions and will be able to provide servicing of your furniture should an issue arise.

Quality: Don’t forget that your furniture will make an impression on clients. Most people can appreciate a good bargain and as a startup you may be strapped for cash, but you don’t want to turn off a potential client with your thrift store purchases. Spend the money to buy quality pieces where it counts. The chair that you or your employees sit in for 8+ hours a day, very important!

Focus: Spend a little extra on the spaces your clients will be seeing when they visit your office. Focusing on the design of a few key areas such as reception and a meeting or conference room will result in a positive impression.

Compromise: You may have had your heart set on a shiny new wood desk and European styled seating but it just isn’t in the budget yet.  Make some smart, basic selections that you can add to in the future as your needs change. Plus, when your business turns into the booming success you have worked so hard for, you can reward yourself with an upgrade!

Designing and furnishing your space to reflect your business can make a big impact on clientele. It also directly affects the employees that work in your space and happier workers usually results in better productivity. Sometimes you have to spend a little to make a little, or hopefully a lot!

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