Celebrating Life’s Special Moments in the Workplace

As I sit here almost 9 months pregnant only a day away from starting my maternity leave, I am reflecting on my last few years at Buffalo Office Interiors. I realized that I have personally experienced some of life’s major moments during my employment here and the staff has been a part of each and every one. Whether you work for a large corporation or for a small family owned business, each has its own set of perks. One of the benefits of working for a small company is the personal recognition of each employee’s special life moments. BOI has always taken the time to celebrate and recognize our staff’s personal milestones, from weddings to anniversaries and now, baby Cefalu!

Last year I got engaged and who were some of the first people that I told? My co-workers of course! When my fiancé stopped by to visit (and tell his side of the story) he was greeted warmly by my coworkers and bosses with well wishes, congratulations, and even “I think you need to get your head examined!” (our President is a real comedian). A couple of months later, I returned to the office after a site meeting to find a surprise wedding shower with all of the employees in attendance. It brought me to tears to know that my coworkers valued and cared about me so much.

When I found out that I was expecting, I knew the news would be met with the same warmth and support that has always come from the staff when announcing these personal milestones, I was not disappointed. The staff even pooled together to purchase a high chair for the baby which the girls presented to me at my shower. These small gestures make a big difference to employees and result in their investment and dedication to the success of the company.

Speaking of milestones, our Project Coordinator, Stephanie, has just announced her engagement and is busy planning for a fall wedding. The past few weeks we have all gathered for lunch in our break room and have excitedly discussed her wedding plans, dress choices and venue options. It’s a welcomed break from our daily grind and an occasion that we all look forward to celebrating with her.

Having held several different jobs at both large and small companies, I have always appreciated the relationships and family like atmosphere at Buffalo Office Interiors. Celebrating our personal milestones and life’s special moments has helped weave the fabric of our emotional culture. It has encouraged us to get to know each other beyond just the work we do together and has built camaraderie between us. Even the smaller things don’t go unnoticed; we look forward to celebrating each employee’s birthday with a personalized card and their dessert of choice.

Celebrating special occasions at the office doesn’t have to be elaborate or costly. It can be as simple as coffee and bagels in the morning or sharing a cake in the afternoon (if you follow us on Facebook, you already know how much we love cake!). The recognition of these important moments makes a big difference though; it’s nice to be recognized as human beings and not just a commodity.

While I am out of the office these next few weeks I will miss our daily lunches where we fill each other in on our lives and share funny stories. When I prepare a meal using the set of knives I was given at my office wedding shower or feed the baby in their high chair I will be reminded of my “BOI family”.

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