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Upcycle Tip #6

Pasta sauce, baby food, pickles, salsa, jelly, and olives. What do they all have in common? They all come in jars of course! Reuse them for more than food storage! 1. Spice jars! This works best with pesto or baby food jars. You can paint the lids with some chalkboard paint and write the name… Read more »

Upcycle Tip #5

Got old books, maps, calendars, posters, sheet music, scrapbook paper, or paper bags? Don’t recycle, upcycle! 1. Book Binding! Crafting books is extremely easy. Grab an old calendar or an old poster, some paper, a bone folder, some embroidery thread, and a needle. Fold about 8-10 pages of paper in half, as well as your… Read more »

Upcycle Tip #4

It’s spring; that means its time you get your gardening gloves out! Want to give your plant friends a unique place to grow? Check out some of these tips to create your own planters: 1. Vintage Tea Tins!- Tea tins are a great way to individualize your plants. Start by punching about four holes in… Read more »

Upcycle Tip #3

There is no doubt that vinyl is back in style. CDs and MP3s have fallen out of the spotlight and have been replaced with classic vinyl. Record players are currently a rare find when thrifting, but vinyls are in abundance. Record Theatre will even give you their broken, chipped, or outdated vinyl for free. 1…. Read more »

Upcycle Tip #2

Teacups! Teacups are adorable and great collection pieces, but you can only litter your shelves with so many before it becomes overcrowded. So what do you do with your fantastic vintage drinkware? 1. Bird feeders!- Glue your teacup to the saucer so that the handle is facing outward. Weave twine into a chain to make… Read more »

Upcycle Tip #1

Old Suitcases! You know that awesome vintage suitcase you found at a garage sale/thrift store, your grandparents’ house, or even the creepy part of your attic? It’s beautiful, but the lock doesn’t work, its heavy, or just plain inconvenient to use. So what do you do with it? 1. Turn it into a bar!- Simply… Read more »