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Holiday Design Tip #4

Turn your table into a masterpiece for your holiday events. Make the table its own decoration by displaying candles at different heights, adding napkin rings, layering runners and placemats over your tablecloth or tying ribbons around the chair backs.

Holiday Design Tip #3

Keep your design fresh from year to year by changing things up a bit. If using the same arrangements every year, revitalize them with new ribbon or other garnishes. Place decorations in different groupings or change their locations altogether to make it look like new.

Holiday Design Tip #2

Incorporate a centerpiece as a beautiful focal point on a holiday table. Fill a basket of mini pumpkins, gourds and autumn leaves for fall. For your winter theme, use ornaments, candles or even a mini Christmas tree to catch your guests eye.

Holiday Design Tip #1

Stick with a simple color pallet to more easily transform your decor from Thanksgiving to Christmas. Base your design on a few main colors that work for both occasions such as red and gold then swap out a third color like orange for fall and white for Christmas. Your neutral pallet will help save time… Read more »

Design Tip #7

Not sure how to spice up your space? Animal prints always add a bit of excitement to a room. They are highly versatile and can be blended with any type of furniture, from traditional settings to the latest contemporary. The best way to use animal print is to select one type of print for one… Read more »

Design Tip #6

Don’t be afraid of mixing fabrics in a room, the right combination can give you a designer look. Start by finding a great fabric you can build your design around. Limit yourself to no more than three patterns and make sure to vary the style and size. Use common colors so that fabrics relate and… Read more »

Design Tip #5

Up-cycling is a great way to get your creative juices flowing and will benefit the environment by turning trash into treasures. It can be as simple as adding a coat of paint and new hardware to a worn out dresser, or realizing a completely new purpose for an object. Not only will you give new… Read more »

Design Tip #4

Take advantage of available outdoor space to increase your living area by creating an outdoor living or dining room. Outdoor spaces are a great place to relax or entertain guests and patios or decks will also add to the overall value of your home. Once your furniture is selected, don’t forget to accessorize!