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Window or Aisle Seat?

You are booking your airline tickets and the seat map pops up, would you like a window or aisle seat? Maybe you like to look out the window as you lift off, watching the clouds swirl in around the airplane and then settle below like a soft down pillow. Or maybe you rather not see… Read more »

43North Parters with BOI to Furnish Business Incubator Space

BUFFALO, NEW YORK — Today, 43North – the world’s largest ($5 million) business idea competition – announced plans to locate a business incubator space on the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus in downtown Buffalo, New York. Build-out of this innovative incubation space, which will house 43North’s 11 finalist companies for 12 months, will be funded through an $800,000 grant… Read more »

September 2014 Newsletter

We had a busy month with installations at Buffalo State College Houston Gym, Ken-Ton Presbyterian Village and the new Buffalo Bills locker room. Looking for a weekend project, try an up-cycling project!   September 2014 Newsletter

Waistlines Impact Your Bottom Line

Ask any business owner what they believe determines the success of their organization, and almost always they will point to the importance of their employees. Employee morale, workload, work-life quality and health are key factors that influence sales, profits, and overall performance. With so many people spending most of their day sitting at a desk… Read more »

Can a fit lifestyle pay off in the workplace?

Why wait until 5:00 to start thinking of fitness?  Fitness does not mean going to the gym for an hour 3-4 times a week before or after work.  Fitness is not simply trying to cook a healthy dinner to make up for the donuts or birthday cake you ate at lunch.  These ideas definitely help… Read more »

August 2014 Newsletter

This month we share some of our healthy eating tips for the office. Join out contest for some Interior Design tips and find out where our Vice President Joe Spano spends his free time!   August 2014 Newsletter

The Cubicle Diet: Healthy Eating from 9 to 5

Here at Buffalo Office Interiors we love to snack! Catch us at any time of the day and at least one of us is nibbling away. If you are confined to a “9 to 5” job as well, you can probably agree that keeping on track with healthy eating habits can take more work than… Read more »

A Modern Day Desk Sentence

Are you sitting comfortably? You might not be after reading this. A recent study finds that American’s spend 56 hours a week sitting: staring at the computer screen, in the car, or collapsed in a heap in front of the television.  Add in another seven hours per day sleeping and that means most of us… Read more »