A Year of Transformation

It has been a year long journey (well, almost) and finally, we have arrived! This year has been an exciting and busy one at Buffalo Office Interiors. In January, we launched our new logo which was just the first step of many in our redesign journey. In the 11th hour, or in this case month, we are thrilled to be putting the finishing touches on our new website!

If you didn’t get a chance to read our first ever blog A new year, a new look, don’t worry, we saved it for you just in case you want to hear this story from the beginning. If you prefer the cliff notes version, 2014 meant some big changes for us. We decided it was time to take a good look at our presence in the Buffalo market and do some evaluating. Being a local, family-owned company, started 32 years ago in the heart of Buffalo, it was important that we stay focused on our roots and the core of our business. But we also needed to keep in mind that a lot has changed in the last few decades and as Buffalo has evolved so have the wants and needs of our market. Putting our creative heads together resulted in the collective belief that it was time for us to freshen things up a little (or a lot).

They always say two heads are better than one…try 5 or 6! Our core team of designers extended their talents beyond the everyday demands to aid in the development of a revived company brand. With so much experience in the furniture and design field, who knows our company better than our very own staff members?  Everyone got involved when it came to logo design, new business cards, blogging, brochures and finally…our new and improved website!

The fun doesn’t stop there. Not only did we change our look on paper (and online) but our office has seen some changes over the past year as well. Utilizing existing Haworth systems furniture we reconfigured and merged our staff in a collaborative open plan work area. A little bit of our bold purple paint on well placed accent walls and new HON seating with a pop of green bring our company colors to life. 2015 will continue to bring more changes as we move forward with our next project, new signage! Stay tuned….

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