A Lot to Love in Buffalo

I would be proud to label myself a Buffalo native, but I have only called “The Queen City” my home for the last 9 years. When I decided to move from the Binghamton area to Buffalo after college, a lot of people questioned why of all places I would want to move here. This inquiry mostly came from those who had spent their whole lives here and had sights set on someplace bigger or warmer or just different (my husband included). Maybe it was my fresh perspective of the city or the fact that I fell in love with the surrounding area of SUNY College at Buffalo, my alma mater and home for 4 years, but I couldn’t picture myself anywhere else.

The city wraps you up in its embrace, filled with a rich history rooted in industrial beginnings. The industry this city was built on may now be just a part of its past, but it certainly led to the birth of many architectural beauties. Impressively, the city boasts approximately 80 sites which are included on the National Register of Historic Places. All of the major American architects of the 19th and early 20th century built masterpieces in Buffalo, most of which are still standing. Buffalo and its residents continue to invest themselves in this exceptional art and architecture on which this city was built. The Buffalo Central Terminal, the H.H. Richardson complex, Frank Lloyd Wright’s Darwin D. Martin House and the list goes on. Obviously one of my favorite things Buffalo has to offer; must be the Interior Designer in me that is drawn to the beauty of our architectural treasures!

If architecture is not your thing, no worries, we have a little something for everyone. From our theater district to our sports stadiums, you will not want for entertainment. Not only does Buffalo offer you four seasons but where else can you find both beaches and ski slopes just a short drive from anywhere in the city and surrounding towns. Festivals are plentiful and are not reserved just for summer, we know how to enjoy the winter months as well, our yearly St. Patrick’s Day parade is always a cause for celebration! Don’t forget about Niagara Falls, when something is right in your backyard maybe it loses some of its allure. When is the last time you drove out to the falls and enjoyed its natural wonder and beauty? People come from all over the country, even the world to visit, and sometimes we take for granted that we are home to such a spectacular attraction.

Buffalo_Sabres niagara-falls_966x543 St.-Patricks-Day-Parade P1110731

I could continue (with what would likely result in a Buffalo monograph) pointing out all the things I think our city has to offer. But with so many of our team members being Buffalo born and bred, I asked them to share some of their Buffalo favorites (besides the local cuisine, which was an obvious winner).

“I love the walk-ability of many of the communities; I don’t have to drive everywhere! It’s also cool that we are closer to another country than another state.” – Raegan

“The Waterfront, which we often take for granted, if you live in other areas of our country that do not have access to the water there are so many activities you cannot do. The festivals, in the summer there is a different festival every weekend.” – Mimi

“Our Sports teams (Bills, Sabres, Bandits & Bisons). They can be frustrating at times but we still love them. Our weather, although also frustrating at times, but just think of what it could be. No tornadoes, hurricanes, mudslides, forest fires or droughts. I think you get the picture.” – Debbie

“We have a great diversity of ethnic restaurants, locally owned, offering interesting and wonderfully prepared food at reasonable prices. We also have an unusually large community of talented artists and musicians for a city this size, not to mention a world class philharmonic orchestra and art gallery.” – Jerry

“Buffalo has such a sense of community and everyone seems to know everyone. It really is The City of Good Neighbors.” – Kile

“There is so much to love about Buffalo. The “hole in the wall” gems, festivals, outdoor concerts, Canalside, The Olmstead Park System, the Architecture and of course our Buffalo sports teams and their loyal and passionate fans.” – Stephanie

Next year marks my 10th in this city I now call home. As I drive the 198 on my morning commute, enjoying the beauty of the Albright Knox and Hoyt Lake off to my left, I will consider myself lucky that the very places I first fell in love with are a small but enjoyable part of my every day. What makes you happy to call Buffalo home?

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